Recruiting and Placing High Technology Professionals Since 1983

High Technologies Opportunities

EPC, ASSOCIATES has been a nationally recognized recruiting and staffing firm in the high technology industry since 1983. Many of today's high-technology companies turn to EPC to help satisfy their ever changing staffing requirements.

EPC, Associates has an on going effort to recruit candidates skilled in the High Technology area.  Most Companies go in and out of the recruitment mode and needs fluctuate from conceptual design to the production stage. 

EPC assists companies in contacting candidates that have skill sets and objectives that match there needs through these processes. EPC informs you of a specific need that correlates with your career and personal objectives. This is a personal service explaining the company requirement, compensation level and client history.  This service is performed nationwide in a discreet manor.

As a candidate, you are under no financial or contractual obligation to explore opportunities with our client who generally absorb all interviewing and relocation costs. Opportunities range from entry level to Senior Management positions. Please forward a resume, geographical preference and salary to: